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As the first ones in the world, we are persistently working on research and development, documenting the potential of the valuable bioactive components from this unique resource. 

The different product streams derived from Calanus finmarchicus now have a solid track record of documentation – providing insight to the different areas of impact. For humans and animals alike. 

Strong scientific foundation - Zooca Lipids

Clinical and preclinical studies so far have been focusing on screening for effects and mechanisms in humans to document safety and uptake. Since the beginning of the scientific exploration, the volume of scientific publications and theses are continuously growing. So far, ten doctoral candidates have been involved in Zooca™ Lipids research, and numerous peer-reviewed papers have been produced in the areas of biomedical and biochemical science. The findings so far have attracted much attention.

Safety and bioavailability have been documented in several human studies. The bioavailability study showed that Zooca™ Lipids gives a twofold uptake compared to ethyl esters, confirming that the Zooca lipids are digested, and its fatty acids absorbed (Cook et al., 2016) and a recently conducted study  confirmed these data by revealing a remarkable 21% increase in the omega-3 index (sum of EPA and DHA in red blood cells) from a 12 week intervention (Wasserfurth et al., 2021 and Burhop et al 2022). 

Several doctoral students and researchers are engaged in ongoing projects related to mechanistic and preclinical studies, as well as clinical trials directly related to the impact of Zooca™ Lipids. The Zooca™ Company is currently involved in several human clinical trials within the areas of metabolic health and a big intervention study on children with ADHD.

Future studies will become increasingly more targeted towards specific effects, and the long-term goal is to qualify for one or more approved health claims in the EU and other markets.

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