The zooplankton solution
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Our ambitions stretch beyond conscious supplements for people too. By starting at the bottom of the food-chain, we’re looking at redefining standards for fish feed, to ensure that the fish we eat are healthy and full of nutrients.

Zooca® Hydrolysate

The protein extract of Calanus finmarchicus contains all the protein a growing fish and shrimp could ever wish for. Peptides and amino acids for optimal growth and health.

Zooca® Powder

The dried shell fraction of Calanus finmarchicus contains a unique combination of protein, lipids, minerals, and chitin. Perfect supplement if you’re a growing shrimp in need of a new shell.

Zooca® AstaLipids

Most of the omega-3 oil on the market comes from refined and processed oils. Destroying natural olis in the products. Zooca® AstaLipids is a non-refined lipid extract. It contains a plethora of different lipid components such as astaxanthin, policosanols and more than 15 different fatty acids

Zooca® SeaFrozen

The complete animals of Calanus finmarchicus are what most aquatic organisms eat during their childhood, the Arctic copepod is a perfect match for a Tropical shrimp.

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