Zooca™/ Calanus AS was formed in 2002, in Tromsø, Norway. We grew up on the seashore. It’s our playground, classroom and office. We’re marine ecologists, biotechnologists and product dreamers on a tiny mission to make a big difference with what we know best.

While everybody else was thinking big, we were thinking small. Our idea, based on a 4mm long zooplankton, started 20 years ago and we’ve been nurturing it ever since. Today, feeding people and animals with sustainable, healthy, high-quality nutrition has, we admit it, grown into a bit of a big thought, and it’s still growing.

We’re passionate about the tiny zooplankton called Calanus finmarchicus. It’s the world’s most abundant species and its potential for positive effects for people and planet are as big, as it is small. Sustainably harvested and refined in our eco-friendly, gentle refinery, right here on our doorstep, Calanus finmarchicus is one of the Norwegian Sea’s largest renewable resources. 

Our Zooca™ products are packed full of nutrients, gently refined to keep its natural qualities, 100% chemical and additive free and scientifically linked to good long-term health. Nothing added. Nothing removed.

Today we offer the following products in the market for both human and animal health: Zooca™ Calanus® Oil / Zooca™ Lipids, Zooca™ Hydrolysate, Zooca™ Powder, Zooca™ Seafrozen.

Meet our products

Zooca™ Lipids

The natural lipid extract from the tiny copepod is loaded with natural, marine nutrients.

Zooca™ Hydrolysate

Natural starter and specialty feed ingredient to marine fish and shrimp.

Zooca™ Powder

An optimal feed ingredient for post-larval shrimp and broodstock.

Zooca™ SeaFrozen

Zooca™ SeaFrozen contains whole specimens of Calanus finmarchicus.

Our vision

A healthier, happier life for people, animals, and our planet.

Our Mission

With our expertise in Calanus finmarchicus, and our healthcare breakthroughs, our mission to answer the growing population’s need for high quality nutrients. 

With our main products Zooca™ Lipids our ambition is to redefine health benefits and pioneer a new breed of more than omega-3, good for you and the planet. This is the next generation of omega-3 – and so much more. A supplement that offers peace-of-mind for our customers on both a personal and a citizenship level. 

Our ambitions stretch beyond conscious supplements for people too. By starting at the bottom of the food-chain, we’re looking at redefining standards for fish feed, to ensure that the fish we eat are healthy and full of nutrients. We also offer Zooca™ Hydrolysate and Zooca™ Powder. These products ensure important nutrient for the aquaculture feed industry to support healthy development of marine fish and shrimp, with a sustainable marine ingredient. 

Harvested in the pure waters off the coast of Norway, pure and fresh.