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Discover a new way to care for your pets. 

With Zooca® for Pets, you gain access to innovative solutions that make it easier to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Enhance your pet's fur, appetite, digestion, and overall health with our unique products, scientifically supported benefits, ensuring your pet thrives

Zooca® Hydrolysate

Palatability enhancer

Zooca® Hydrolysate stands as the preferred choice for pets, notably due to its enhanced palatability. Our product, rich in proteins, boasts an impressive digestibility rate of 96.5%, significantly increasing the protein digestibility in pet food.

By incorporating Zooca® Hydrolysate, you provide your pets with a highly palatable, nutritious option that supports their overall health and well-being.

With a digestibility rate of 96,5%, inclusion of Zooca Hydrolysate in pet food can increase the protein digestibility in feed.

Discover the benefits of Zooca® Hydrolysate for your pets!

Hydrolyzed protein from Calanus finmarchicus is designed to enhance palatability,
digestibility, and nutritional value in feeds. It is produced through a carefully controlled enzymatic process, breaking down proteins into smaller peptides and amino acids.
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Zooca® Powder

The dried shell fraction of Calanus finmarchicus contains a unique combination of protein, lipids, minerals, and chitin. 

Zooca® Powder contains:
Pure protein
Pleasant marine flavor

Zooca® AstaLipids

Zooca® AstaLipids is a premium supplement for pet feeds, offering a natural concentration of astaxanthin that functions as a powerful antioxidant.

Unlike most omega-3 oils on the market, which are refined and processed, Zooca® AstaLipids is a non-refined lipid extract. This ensures the preservation of natural oils and includes a rich variety of lipid components such as astaxanthin, policosanols, and over 40 different fatty acids.

These components are essential supporting optimal growth, immunity and maintaining overall health.

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