Sustainable and highly nutritious alternatives to traditional shrimp feed

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We take care of the natural and valuable nutrients of copepods and provide sustainable, nutrient-rich products for shrimp feed.

Our eco-friendly solutions, derived from traceable sources, support the nutritional needs of shrimp while addressing industry sustainability and quality concerns.

With scientifically documented health benefits, our innovative formulations advance shrimp farming practices, ensuring the growth and success of operations.

Zooca® Hydrolysate

The protein extract of Calanus finmarchicus contains all the proteins and amino acids a growing shrimp could ever wish for.

Results from feeding trials confirm that Zooca® Hydrolysate enhances growth and survival when included in the diet. Additionally, it has been shown to have several health benefits, such as improved intestinal health, lower oxidative stress and an increased immune response.

Zooca® Hydrolysate contains:
Pure protein
Pleasant marine flavor
Read more about the effects with 4% inclusion of Zooca® Hydrolysate.
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Bøgwald, I., Herrig, S., Pedersen, A. M., Wubshet, S. G., & Eilertsen, K. E. (2024). Effect of Calanus finmarchicus Hydrolysate Inclusion on Diet Attractiveness for Whiteleg Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). Fishes, 9(4), 134.

Zooca® Powder

The dried shell fraction of Calanus finmarchicus contains a unique combination of protein, lipids, minerals, and chitin. It's the perfect supplement if you’re a growing shrimp in need of a new shell.

The natural astaxanthin in the Zooca® Powder, along with the high lipid content (EPA/DHA) increases pigmentation and supports growth. Hydrolyzed protein increases digestion and palatability. In addition, the product's excellent source of chitin stimulates the innate immune system, increases survival, and can contribute to molting and growth in shrimp.

Zooca® AstaLipids

The pure oil from Calanus finmarchicus contains a natural amount of omega-3s and astaxanthin. Zooca® AstaLipids is the perfect supplement to boost the color, growth and survival of your shrimp.

Zooca® AstaLipids is a premium, non-refined lipid extract from Calanus finmarchicus, containing a rich variety of lipid components such as astaxanthin, policosanols, and over 40 different fatty acids.

Unlike most omega-3 oils on the market, which are refined and processed, our non-refined extract preserves natural oils, ensuring maximum benefits.

Omega-3 and astaxanthin play a crucial role in providing energy, enhancing pigmentation, promoting skin health, and improving overall immunity and health. These components are essential for supporting optimal growth and maintaining overall health in aquaculture.

Zooca® SeaFrozen

The complete animals of Calanus finmarchicus are what most aquatic organisms eat during their childhood, the Arctic copepod is a perfect match for a Tropical shrimp.

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