Zooca’s resource, Calanus finmarchicus, is one of the world’s most sustainable marine sources.

Calanus finmarchicus is also one of the most ecologically important species in the marine ecosystem due to its role in the marine food web or energy chain and a key player in the energy transfer between lower and higher trophic levels. Sustainability is thus important in all parts of Zooca’ s value chain. Zooca has developed technology to reduce bycatch and we use all the raw material in production and only water is filtered out. There is no need to refine the products and there is no use of chemicals. The company has good quality system, effective routines, certifications, and good product documentation in place.

Zooca™ has invested, developed, and patented an environmentally friendly technology for harvesting of C. finmarchicus. All harvesting operations are carried out with total transparency, and Zooca™ adheres to the highest environmental standards in all aspects of its operations, and practices harvesting in a sustainable manner. Our ambition is to minimize the effects upon the marine environment. This is implemented internally through a Policy for Sustainable Harvesting. 

The authority responsible for the management of the Calanus fishery is The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, acting as a secretariat for the Minister of Fisheries. The Department for Fisheries and Aquaculture is responsible for matters related to fisheries, the fishing fleet and the aquaculture industry. The major legal instrument under which this authority, enterprises and fishery operates is the Marine Resources Act (MRA). This legislative framework has an explicit precautionary approach based on sustainability principles. Zoocca™ complies in total to the allocated quotas and precautionary principles in the MRA.

Zooca™ also holds the following relevant certifications encompassing sustainability: 

  • UN Global Compact
  • Marin Trust Standard 
  • Friend of the Sea 

During certifications and revisions, an extensive audit of all aspects of operations have been carried out by an objective third-party and found to be compliant, sustainable and within limits.

Zooca™ is also spearheading two innovative research projects, where sustainability and reduction of ecosystem effects are explicitly addressed.