Tailoring peptides for human health

Blue lines

We at Zooca are proud to be part of a new Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project, which aims to make new products to counteract lifestyle diseases. Protein hydrolysates, like our own Zooca™ Hydrolysate, are potential gold mines for peptides with effects that can positively influence human health. In this project, we aim to make the gold itself by adjusting the hydrolysis process to produce specific peptides and use novel separation techniques to refine them. The specific peptides we want in this project are involved in metabolic health, and will have positive effects on blood pressure, blood sugar, inflammation, and skeletal muscle function. With the industrial potential of this project in mind, it perfectly falls in line with our vision that products from tiny zooplankton can make revolutionary impacts.

Funded by The Research Council of Norway, the project is a collaboration between Nofima, Aquateam COWI, Calanus AS and Norilia AS.