We congratulate Zooca ambassador Tone Ingebrigtsen on her son’s Olympic gold medal!

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Zooca ambassador Tone Ingebrigtsen.

We congratulate Tone Ingebrigtsen with an Olympic gold medal in the family!

Jakob Ingebrigtsen ran the 1500m on 3.28.32 in the Olympics – managing the feat of gold medal and setting both an Olympic and European record!

The Ingebrigtsen family has multiple world class athletes. Her husband Gjert is their coach, this means that the family’s focus is often on facilitating the work involved in top-level athletics. During such times, the whole family has played major and minor roles. We know that behind the gold medal lies many years of training, but also many years of making sure everything else is covered. From doing countless laundries of clothes, to making nutritious meals and covering every practical detail.

We want to thank Tone Ingebrigtsen for her effort and dedication. Though probably not so obvious to many people, the work behind the scenes has been important for the incredible performance we witnessed by Jakob at the Olympics. Congratulations to Jakob, Tone, and the whole Ingebrigtsen family!