What is Calanus finmarchicus? The Tiny revolution

While everybody else was thinking big, we were thinking small.

While everybody else was thinking big, we were thinking small.

Our idea, based on a 3 mm long zooplankton, started 20 years ago and we have been nurturing it ever since. Today, feeding people and animals with sustainable, healthy, high-quality nutrition has, we admit it, grown into a bit of a big thought, and it’s still growing.

What is Calanus finmarchicus?

Calanus finmarchicus is one of the most ecologically important species in the marine ecosystem due to its role in the marine food web or energy chain.

Calanus finmarchicus is a small, but mighty amazing creature

About the source

Learn more about the source behind our products from the far north.
The Norwegian government has identified the Calanus finmarchicus as a resource with significant potential to contribute to the national economy, the management plan for utilizing this resource was set on a yearly quota of 254 000 tonnes.
To put some perspective to the numbers and the size of the circles, the total sum of the global fisheries and aquaculture is approx. half of the yearly biomass of calanus.
Harvesting of resources at lower trophic levels can therefore be a sustainable way of increasing the marine supply of nutrients.
Raw nutrients from the tiny zooplankton species Calanus finmarchicus.
In the Norwegian Sea, copepods belonging to the family Calanus is the largest renewable and harvestable marine resource

300 million tons yearly reproduction of biomass calanus

10% of the total biomass of zooplankton is transferred further up the food chain as the diet (prey) for fish larvae, juveniles and other small creatures of the ocean. Every summer, approximately 10% of the production of zooplankton descends into the deeper realms of the Norwegian Sea and goes into hibernation. The next year they ascend for reproduction and complete the lifecycle. The rest of the zooplankton biomass dies and remineralize into inorganic forms.

The policy of Zooca® is to carry out the harvesting activity with precaution and within limits set by the national Competent Authorities,

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