Who we are

The employees at Zooca™ with their knowledge and experience is the key to our historic success and our foundation for the future. Our ability to meet future challenges will be a result of our highly competent and motivated workforce. We focus on attracting, keeping and developing talent. We strive for cross functional collaboration and support innovative initiatives that are critical for our innovation journey. 

We’re marine ecologists, biotechnologists and product dreamers on a tiny mission to make a big difference with what we know best. 

Our workplace includes the whole value chain from sustainable harvesting of Calanus finmarchicus, production, research, sales and marketing and key personnel – all committed to a healthier, happier life for people and planet

“Utilization of marine resources at the base of the food chain is the way of the future to supply enough nutrients to the world. All of us working at Zooca are eager to show why these products are important to people and animals around the globe.”
Siv-Katrin Ramskjell

CEO Siv-Katrin Ramskjell.

Company Values

We also adhere to company values and hold them as our guide for our everyday work. 


We are honest about what we do and how we do it. We are transparent.


Respect for the science, respect for people health, respect for the environment and our planet.


We are committed to do everything we can to do good for you and good for the planet.

Team Spirit

Teamwork and team effort is key to succeed in our mission.