Zooca™ Lipids

The natural lipid extract from the tiny copepod Calanus finmarchicus, Zooca™ Lipids is loaded with natural, marine nutrients.

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    The ocean with illustrations of a boat and mountains with the Norwegian flag on top

    Calanus finmarchicus is harvested in the pure waters off the coast of Norway

    • Potent liquid wax form that counteracts lifestyle-induced health conditions.
    • The only marine oil  that targets metabolic syndrome and development of diabetes 2.
    • Powerful anti-inflammatory action.
    • Eco-friendly harvesting of Calanus finmarchicus – a unique and sustainable resource.
    • Gentle manufacturing  treatment without solvents.
    • Very high in astaxanthin levels.
    • Unique market positioning.

    The natural lipid extract from the tiny copepod Calanus finmarchicus, Zooca™ Lipids is loaded with natural, marine nutrients. Its story however, doesn’t end there. Through its unique combination of raw nutrients in the form of liquid wax, Zooca™ Lipids demonstrates more potency and benefits than other marine oils.

    Evidence of exciting additional benefits is also clear. Solid scientific documentation shows that Zooca™ Lipids enhances muscle formation mass and function, body composition, pumping capacity of the heart and exhibits a potent anti-inflammatory effect.

    Here's how it works

    The liquid wax in Zooca™ Lipids is digested in the distal intestine, giving a slow but complete uptake, which also allows for interaction with GPR120 receptors. This receptor interaction supports favourable body composition, resulting in metabolic effects like enhanced insulin sensitivity and reduction of intra-abdominal- and liver fat deposition.

    Calanus finmarchicus produces high amounts of astaxanthin, which gives Zooca™ Lipids a dark red colour.

    Zooca™ Lipids also exhibits a three-dimensional anti-inflammatory action.  Stearidonic acid, (SDA), competes with the omega-6 fatty acid gammalinoleic acid (GLA) for the elongase enzyme, thereby reducing the amount of GLA being converted to pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid. In addition, reduced deposition of intra-abdominal fat supports adipocyte health, resulting in reduced low-grade inflammation, which is one of the most important long-term risk factors for development of type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. Finally, the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA are can be utilized as parent molecules for an array of converted to anti-inflammatory eicosanoids and specialized proresolving mediators, (SPMs) after absorption in the body.

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    The biomedical research on Zooca™ Lipids is done by independent researchers at UiT- The Arctic University of Norway and other scientific institutions in Norway and abroad. The researchers are encouraged by the good results.

    We are proud suppliers of Zooca™ Lipids to human clinical trials within metabolic health, insulin sensitivity and cognitive function in children.

    Download the full list of publications here:

    Meet growing clean label expectations

    With marine nutrient’s most pure raw material, harvested and at an age of 3-4 months, and positioned at a very low trophic level – Calanus finmarchicus do not contain any harmful pollutants in their lipid storage, which is  known to accumulate in organisms further up the higher trophic levels. 

    Moreover, the lipids from the raw material are very hydrophobic and therefore gentle treatment  is sufficient to extract the lipids, excluding the use of chemical solvents and promising the industry’s purest marine based nutrients.