Zooca™ Powder

Zooca™ Powder features an abundance of essential amino acids for fish and shellfish, including methionine, lysine, and arginine. Its growth-promoting lipid content is rich in potent wax ester form omega-3s, and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin increases pigmentation in fish fillet and shellfish.

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Zooca™ Powder has high contents of zinc and selenium, minerals important for both growth and survival in shrimp. The product is also an excellent source of chitin, which acts as a stimulant on the innate immune system when supplemented in feed. Suitable as feed ingredient for shrimps, marine fish and pet

Zooca™ Powder presents as a mill-dried, roseate, and homogenous powder. It is heat stabile, highly soluble, GMO-free, with a pleasant marine flavour. The gentle processing technique results in a product without chemical solvents or artificial preservatives. Shelf life is two years from packing date when stored in original containers and is enhanced through ideal storage conditions with low temperatures and an odourfree environment. Zooca™ Powder is packed in 12 kg cardboard boxes with PE-liner or sealed bags