Zooca™ SeaFrozen

The optimal complete feed, Zooca™ SeaFrozen, features frozen, whole copepods, suitable as complete feed in post-larval stages and broodstock for shrimp and for marine fish larvae. The product is ready for use after thawing, thus significantly reducing labour-intensive procedures and costs related to production and enrichment of other live feed.

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The copepods display excellent buoyancy and have an optimal nutritional composition for shrimp larvae, as they are a natural feed in post-larval stages. Performance benefits include improved survival, growth, and pigmentation. 

Zooca™ SeaFrozen presents as a homogenous red biomass and is free of chemical or artificial preservatives. It is highly digestible and features a superior protein source, omega-3s and cholesterol, chitin, and astaxanthin. With a size of 2-3 mm, there is approximately 1.15 million copepods pr kg. The product should be stored at -18 °C, and shelf life is two years from packing date stored in original containers. Zooca™ SeaFrozen is packed in 0.5/1.0 kg flatpacks or as 25 kg blocks.