Blue lines

At Zooca, we believe that valuable nutrients should be available to more people, without damaging our planet along the way. That in the pursuit of our own good health, we need to take care of the environments and ecosystems we’re a part of. That’s why we’re passionate about a tiny zooplankton called Calanus finmarchicus. It’s the world’s most abundant species and its potential for positive effects for people and planet are as big, as it is small. Sustainably harvested and refined in our ecofriendly, gentle refinery, right here on our doorstep in Tromsø, Calanus finmarchicus is one of the Norwegian Sea’s largest renewable resource. Our Zooca™ Lipids is packed full of nutrients, gently refined to keep its natural qualities, 100% chemical and additive free and scientifically linked to good long-term health. Nothing added. Nothing removed.

Deep karma

Our ambitions stretch beyond conscious supplements for people too. By starting at the bottom of the food-chain, we’re looking at redefining standards for fish feed, to ensure that the fish we eat are healthy and full of nutrients. With Zooca™ SeaFrozen we’re imagining true sustainability in fish farming practices. After all, if what we eat is healthy and kind to the planet too, we all benefit. And what’s good for life in the sea, is good for our four-legged friends too. The nutritional benefits of Zooca™ Hydrolysate are being applied to pet foods to ensure our four-legged friends get the nutrients they need. Who knows, maybe we can even give cats a 10th life.

Think small

At Zooca we’re marine ecologists, biotechnologists, product developers and marketeers on a tiny mission to make a big difference. If you care about the planet and people’s access to better long-term health, as much as we do, join our #tinyrevolution