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In august 2021 Zooca formally opened a first-in-class unique processing plant for processing of Calanus finmarchicus at Sortland in Northern Norway. The plant was granted a license for handling of human and animal by-products.

A clean process

At the plant, the processing and manufacturing of our protein and oil products involves no chemicals. The only input factors besides energy, is fresh water and a minimal addition of enzymes. This solvent free, no additives processing ensures gentle extraction of both lipids and proteins (hydrolysate). The production is free of hazardous processing aids and no further refining, concentration or processing is done. This ensures natural and pure products.

The biorefinery also has advanced control systems which enables the regulation of energy consumption to a minimum of what is necessary for a qualified process. Most of the energy used in the plant goes to heating the process. An electric hot water boiler has been installed to ensure environmentally friendly heating, and effective state of the art heat exchangers are used throughout the whole process. Only renewable energy used.
Our CEO, Siv-Katrin Ramskjell, in production.

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