Zooca™ Hydrolysate

Zooca™ Hydrolysate is a pure extract of gently processed Calanus finmarchicus, the Norwegian Sea’s most abundant marine zooplankton species, and the natural starter feed for marine fish. Zooca™ Hydrolysate is an outstanding nutrient source and an excellent flavor enhancer in feed for aquatic animals and pet food.

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    At a glance

    • Outstanding marine protein source.
    • Suitable as ingredient in aquaculture starter and specialty feed.
    • Excellent flavour enhancer.
    • Optimal amino acid profile.
    • Heat stable and highly soluble.
    • GMO-free.

    Small but significant differences

    Calanus finmarchicus‘s ecological adaptation and biochemical composition differs from other marine organisms harvested today. That’s why it’s the source of novel products with unique properties, including Zooca™ Hydrolysate, shown to be an ingredient with excellent properties for aquatic animals and pets. Zooca™ Hydrolysate is a naturally derived, enzymatically hydrolyzed protein product, and presents as an amber homogenous liquid, suitable as an ingredient in formulated feed.

    A source of growth

    Zooca™  Hydrolysate is a heat stable, highly soluble product with a pleasant marine flavor. The favorable molecular weight distribution makes it a highly digestible source of protein, which with an excellent amino acid profile, results in a product for optimal growth performance.

    Graph showing a source of growth

    Results from feeding studies confirm that Zooca™ Hydrolysate enhances growth and survival in early life stages of aquatic animal species, which is in harmony with the ecological role of C. finmarchicus as an essential prey in their natural marine habitats.