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Explore the remarkable benefits of Zooca Calanus® Oil through our exclusive whitepapers. As a unique marine extract derived from Calanus finmarchicus, this exceptional oil offers a wealth of health-enhancing properties.

Why should you be excited about Zooca Calanus® Oil? 

Imagine a world where your health is prioritized, where nature's wonders are harnessed to enhance your well-being. That's precisely what Zooca Calanus® Oil offers
It is innovated with nature
Naturally has 40 different fatty acid, bound in their natural form
A breakthrough for metabolic health
Comes in a wax ester form that provides a longer and gradual absorption further down the digestive system
Contains astaxanthin which naturally protects the fatty acids from oxidation

Unlocking the Potential of Zooca Calanus® Oil: Discover the Unique Composition and Health Benefits

In this whitepaper, delves into the extraordinary composition of Zooca Calanus® Oil. Explore the role of wax esters, omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, astaxanthin, and policosanols in promoting human health and well-being. Gain valuable insights into how these bioactive compounds work together to optimize your health.

Zooca Calanus® Oil: The Arctic Secret to Empowering Women's Health

We shine a spotlight on the specific benefits Zooca Calanus® Oil offers women. From supporting cardiovascular health to promoting mental well-being, skin health, and addressing life cycle issues, this marine-derived oil is tailored to meet the unique needs of women throughout their lives.
2021 Whitepaper Zooca lipids_The unpolished nutritional gem

The unpolished nutritional gem from the Norwegian Sea

Zooca® Lipids is a superior consumer health offering. Besides being natural and eco-friendly, Zooca® Lipids´ composition of natural, marine nutrients has shown benefits beyond what is expected from marine oils. Derived from the ultra-sustainable resource Calanus finmarchicus, a 1-year zooplankton, Zooca® Lipids is not only good for your health and wellbeing- it also comes with a good conscience. 
Zooca® Lipids is the newest generation of omega 3 and is the natural lipid extract from the tiny zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus, an ultra-sustainable resource from the North Atlantic Ocean. Besides being eco-friendly, Zooca® Lipids composition of natural, marine nutrients has shown benefits beyond what is expected from marine oils..

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