Alice Marie Pedersen
(Head of Science Human Health)

Loaded with natural marine nutrients

An innovative and natural oil from the zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus, with a unique composition and multiple effects.
The feature of our fresh raw material enables us to use a gentle processing method, simply extracting the lipids – as is – from the rest of the components. Due to its unique chemistry, it is not necessary to refine, concentrate or change the composition in anyway. This provides a complex and broad lipid profile of the oil obtained.

Zooca® Lipids

Zooca® Lipids is the natural lipid extract from the tiny zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus.
Is loaded with natural marine nutrients and is a superior consumer health offering.
With our main product, Zooca® Lipids, our ambition is to redefine health benefits and pioneer a new breed of more than omega 3, good for you and the planet
Heart health
Muscle health
Immune System
Brain health
Brain Health
Eye Health
Bone structure
Bone Health

This is the next generation of omega 3 – and so much more

A supplement that offers peace-of-mind for our customers on both a personal and a citizenship level.
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Zooca® Lipids

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