A balanced diet for you, means balanced for the planet too

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At Zooca we're unlocking the potential of sustainable, high-quality nutrition for everyone. Wouldn't it be great to float through life, knowing that your wellness and the planet are on the same wavelength?

With our main product, Zooca™ Lipids, our ambition is to redefine health benefits and pioneer a new breed of more than omega 3, good for you and the planet. This is the next generation of omega 3 – and so much more. A supplement that offers peace-of-mind for our customers on both a personal and a citizenship level. 

Our ambitions stretch beyond conscious supplements for people too. By starting at the bottom of the food-chain, we’re looking at redefining standards for fish feed, to ensure that the fish we eat are healthy and full of nutrients. We also offer Zooca™ Hydrolysate and Zooca™ Powder. These products ensure important nutrient for the aquaculture feed industry to support healthy development of marine fish and shrimp, with a sustainable marine ingredient. 

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Meet our products

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Zooca Lipids 240

Zooca™ Lipids

The natural lipid extract from the tiny copepod is loaded with natural, marine nutrients.

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Zooca Hydrolysate 240 1

Zooca™ Hydrolysate

Natural starter and specialty feed ingredient to marine fish and shrimp.

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Zooca Powder 240 1

Zooca™ Powder

An optimal feed ingredient for post-larval shrimp and broodstock.

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Zooca SeaFrozen 240 1

Zooca™ SeaFrozen

Zooca™ SeaFrozen contains whole specimens of Calanus finmarchicus.

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