As a research-based innovative company, Zooca™ has over the years worked with several research groups. In the period from 2012 to 2022 twenty peer-reviewed papers have been published. A total of 7 doctoral theses has been successfully completed from this investment.

Partnering with Zooca™

The instrumental academic and research institutions involved during this period have been:

  • The Cardiovascular Research Group at the Department of Medical Biology and the Seafood Science Group at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, at The Arctic University of Norway, UiT.
  • Nutrition Physiology and Human Nutrition at the Institute of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany. 
  • Laboratory of Adipose Tissue Biology, at the Institute of Physiology at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague and the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, The Czech Republic.
  • Nofima

The company has received significant funding through different (primarily Norwegian) funding programs over the years. Funding has been related to preclinical and clinical studies examining potential health effect of the novel marine oil from C. finmarchicus, as well as the health benefit of using our hydrolysate in feed for the aquaculture industry. In addition, the company has received funding to support the opening of our new bio-refinery (opened in august 2021) and to further develop the harvesting technologies. The company is still part of several funding programs. 

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