The tiniest of things can
have the biggest impact

The tiniest of things can have the biggest impact

Raw nutrients from the tiny zooplankton species Calanus finmarchicus.

There is no other source with bigger benefits.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Human health

Zooca™ Lipids

The natural lipid extract from the tiny copepod Calanus finmarchicus, Zooca™ Lipids is loaded with natural, marine nutrients.

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Animal nutrition

Zooca™ Hydrolysate

Natural starter and specialty feed ingredient to marine fish and shrimp.

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Zooca™ Powder

An optimal feed ingredient for post-larval shrimp and broodstock.

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Zooca™ SeaFrozen

Zooca™ SeaFrozen contains whole specimens of Calanus finmarchicus.

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Alice Marie Pedersen
(Head of Science Human Health)

Human health

Good for the heart

Good for eye health

Good for the muscles

Good for the immune system

Animal nutrition

Good for growth

Good for survival

Good for taste

Good as whole

Who is Zooca?

At Zooca, we believe that valuable nutrients should be available to more people, without damaging our planet along the way. In the pursuit of our own good health, we need to take care of the environment and the ecosystems we are a part of, and that is why we are passionate about a tiny zooplankton called Calanus finmarchicus.

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